Skiing in the Alps…

The record is great and we have been doing more songs too, so get ready to rock!

Been skiing lots in the Alps near Monaco.

– Mark




8 thoughts on “Skiing in the Alps…

  1. George Barron says:

    Mark the new record ROOOCCCCKKKSSSS!!! its a classic feeder song, good work!! and im dissapointed ur not snowboarding, everyone knows it is the coolest way to get from top to bottom! none of this skiing rubbish! Good work mate cant wait for the album! George

  2. philipPF says:

    have a nice holiday & please be careful with skying, it’s hard to play drums with a broken leg 😛 !

    ps : the idea of the blog is really cool

  3. Ben says:

    Sounding good Mark! I was one of the fortunate peeps to get to hear the new album at a listening party, absolutely loving it! Provided the tracklist stays the same, track 2 is a belter, and if it doesn’t get a single release there’ll be some problems 😛

    But yeah… Hope to see you touring soon, can’t wait for Leeds now, can you believe you’re on the same bill as the D and Metallica?!

  4. Paul says:

    Hey, long time Feeder fan all the way in Australia here. Just heard the new song “Miss You” and I love it, can’t wait for your next album, which I’ll probably have to buy online. Hope you guys get enough support done here for you to come down and play a few gigs here.

    Far off chance I know, but there’s always hope. Anyways, keep working hard on your next album, love your work. And I agree with George, snowboarding would look so much cooler for you guys.

  5. Natalie says:

    Hey guys, when will the We Are The People video be released? I’m waiting to see if I’ve been edited out! 🙂

    (And as for Mark saying I’m going to be VIP’d to one of the gigs, I’ll hold him to that!) lol 😀

    Nat x

  6. Animal says:

    The reason I ski is because I’m good at it. I’m an OK snowboarder but I go very, very fast on the ski’s and blow all the snow boarders off the slopes in terms of speeeeed (which as you all know is my thing). Boards are for carving. Ski’s are for black runs… woo hoooooooooooo

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