The strangest party; adventures in avoiding a 9 to 5 volume 2

Video for We Are The People

We all looked like Blue Meanies with our lovely blue-screen balaclava’s on. Mmmm. Sexy.

Ended up riding the bike in the vid. Lovely. KTM will be chuffed. Yamaha won’t. Doubt it will make the cut.

Natalie, the competition winner who works for TFL (Aaaaaagh!) was lovely and brilliant and will be coming to a gig all VIP’d up to make up for none of us saying goodbye when we finished. How rude!

Hangin’ around creates one thing. The need for coffee.

Franks cafe. I asked if Frank was Frank. Apparently Franks ‘away’ and I wondered whether that meant he was helping to hold up some mafia built structure somewhere or whether he was really Frank and was being cagey because I might be Inland Revenue. He asked me if I was a film star. I was flattered, (a good tactic if I was Frank to stop me from taking him to court for none payment of tax, if of course, (which I’m obviously not) I was the IR and assuming of course (which I am) he is a mobster who hasn’t paid any tax). I thought ‘what a chancer, you only want a headshot for your cafe.’

Great apple pie Frank please include me in your new foundations.


14 Responses to “The strangest party; adventures in avoiding a 9 to 5 volume 2”

  1. I dont think I could put into words what I thought when I first saw that photo…..I am really intrigued to see what te new video is all about now lol

  2. Another article, super!! 😀 This blue is very nice… 😀

  3. 🙂 i love the general babble about Frank and his cafe!


  4. Awesome XD

    Rock on!!

  5. All sounds good!
    love the blog, and the blue balaclava hehe!

  6. I definately think you should go with the Blue Meanie look for the upcoming gigs, you could start a new trend (maybe).

  7. Marcus Bowen Says:

    Hillarious picture there Mark! 🙂 :D, great to hear the video shoot went well :). Loving the new single and looking forward to the tour!.

    The Franks Cafe bit of your blog was mint :D.

  8. Cameron Halbert Says:

    Lookin’ very kool there Mark. I agree the talk of Frank is awesome. Can’t wait to see the new video

  9. nice pic 😀 me and my housemate were commenting only the other day that a feeder video needs a Mark on a bike… so if it doesn’t make the cut i shall be very disappointed!

  10. aspettando video e singolo…….bevo un’ottimo caffè,che ho fatto io!
    w la ducati!

  11. I met a Frank in Latvia who also had these kinds of “connections”, hhhmmmm I smell something fishy, a europe-wide tax evasion scandal!

    Mark’s eyes look like their trying to laser beam the camera in the photo, terrifying.

  12. oh the life of a rockstar… one question that mite be stating the obvious but are we to assume ‘we are the people’ as the new feeder single then?

    maybe this is old news but ive been checking for any info regarding the new album regularly and thaught i would have found out what the title was by now if it had been published….

    anyway yeah, if someone could clear this up for me it’d be great. title sounds a good one, kinda reminds me of ‘the rolling people’ by verve, which was a belting good tune, tho i totally expect feeders single to be heavier!

    cheers all. kudos to mark for the post.

  13. …. afraid you’ve been found out Mark – moonlighting in the new smarties advert?!! tut tut tut!

  14. Chris Dunst Says:

    Mark, my mate and I were collared walking down the street to be filmed in that lovely blue balaclava too for your vid, which was a bit surreal as we’re both fans, anyway my mate is getting married next week, I was wondering if you could forward me contact details for the production crew, I’m hoping they might be able to forward me a shot of my mate in the balaclava, would make an interesting story at his wedding! Cheers.

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