Touring commences

After 3 weeks of rehearsals we’re out on the road with a new record, a new cast member, a new sound man, a new stage manager and more ramblings from me. You lucky munchkins.

We spluttered off the line (like Marco Melandri at last weeks motoGP) at Northumbria students union bar. It is the worst sounding room in the universe. Concrete everywhere and not a warm tone to be had, horrible. I was wandering why all your faces looked so pained. It was, I was reliably informed, a wall of noise. Hey ho, nobody’s fault but the person who designed a room for the purposes of amplified entertainment in a concrete box. It’s done, it’s gone, lets move on. I hope you all come back for the proper tour to hear how good it should sound.

We have a new tour personage… another Dean. Dean Deavall. We’ve nicknamed him CC. If anyone is old enough to know where that comes from I’ll put them on the guest list for one of the shows in the autumn. He’s the spitting image of Gavin Peacock too. Formerly of Spider Simpson among others, he’s on keyboards and samples which means we are playing fully live for the first time since I joined. No sequencers anymore. Hooray! Welcome to the topsy turvy world of Feeder Mr Keys.