Glasgow was much better. Being in Scotland was a good start and we were playing in a revamped old porno theatre, ‘The Classic Grand.’ We had a much better sound and an all together nicer time of it on stage. You didn’t disappoint yet again. The biggest problem today was how the burger in the raddisson had gone downhill since last time… too dry, not enough salad. A high class problem but sort it out!
The Xerts were great and really warmed you all up. A name to keep an eye on.

Went to the Baltic Art Gallery and wasn’t impressed.
Baltic Art Gallery

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5 thoughts on “Glasgow

  1. Big D says:

    I am sooooooo xcited about the new album n gigs…I was on an intensive 5 week course on teaching English in Barcelona …a fellow student told me I had to see you live but you had to cancel the gig there due to Grant’s sore throat!!! so i had to settle for the pushin the senses album…weirdly also playing during my stay in BCN was Bruce Springsteen – whose gig I turned up 24 hrs late for because it said 00:00 hours but meant the day before….also Avril Lavigne – whose gig i turned up for as it finished after a mere 60mins at around 9pm due to the largely teenage audience!!! So when you were billed to play sat nite at Wakestock in puffeli I was there despite being a 40 someting not usually a festival goer dude and cerainly not a wakeboarder! Your set was awesome…have just seen Bruce in Manchester and Avril in Birmingham…so lookin fwd to catchin u lot somewhere too this year!
    Good luck with new single, album n gigs n all
    Big D

  2. Lena says:

    Here in Seoul I’m far too far away from Europe to see one of your gigs again and the few record stores in town don’t sell your cds either. So all I can do is listen to an American internet radio station that plays Brit pop ONLY.
    Today I was very lucky and one of your songs came up “Feeling a Moment”, of course.
    I remember the one time I saw you play, some years ago at the Rheinkultur in Germany. At that time, my life was kind of falling to pieces and I was in urgent need for some comfort. This song always did it for me. It wasn’t much, but it always could ease my pain.
    Thank you for such a great song and for singing it in such a sweet and gentle voice…^^

  3. Marcus says:

    Hey guys!!, what a tour that was!!, I loved every minute and just can’t wait for the next one, I had a really cool time watching the gigs, spending time with my mates, and talking to you guys!. I will be going to the XFM gig this Saturday too. The Camden gig really was amazing, especially with the gig being advertised at 40 mins, but you played a lot longer! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D.

    But yeah, the whole tour sounds amazing- I wish I went on all eight dates and not just the last five!lol!, shame the Newcastle venue wasn’t very gig friendly, but I bet you guys still rocked!.

    I was suddenly busy at work yesterday, so missed the Gigwise web chat! :-(, but one of my mates was taking part in it, and told me quite a few exciting things about the forthcoming tour!.

    Silent Cry- what an album!!!!!.

    See ya Saturday!,
    From Marcus :-).

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